Buckle Up

Slide support buckle onto belt with the bigger hole facing upwards.

(if shooting right-handed onto left hip and if shooting left-handed onto right hip)


Slide Into Place

Place the pole closest to your neck over your shoulder (if shooting right-handed, over the left shoulder and if shooting left-handed, over the right shoulder).

Slide the remaining pole into the support buckle.

Stay In The Shoulder Guide

If you are walking with a backpack, our shoulder guide can be attached to the shoulder strap and the pole over your shoulder can be put through the guide (to help keep the Lazy Aim in place) and pulled forward when needed. (Typically one would walk with the Lazy Aim in hand, until getting close to any wildlife.)


Take Aim

Take aim with the rifle over the rubber insert, on the horizontal pole, and grip the rifle, or rifle belt with your hand.



The Lazy Aim product is available in two sizes (Long and Short). The long size is recommended for persons with an upper-body length (between shoulder and waist) greater than 64cm.


Product is only to be used as instructed


Do not use sharp objects on rubber inserts as this could lead to damage