Simplify your hunting experience


This simple, lightweight device will revolutionize hunting! The Lazy Aim is a new product on the market designed specifically for hunting purposes. It provides the user with the opportunity to have an absolutely steady shot while still having the benefit of moving freely. This is possible because the Lazy Aim product becomes an extension of your body; it is the only support system currently on the market which does not need to be fixed to the ground separate from you and your rifle.


The Lazy Aim has been designed in such a way that it makes use of a strong triangular support system promoting a rigid and stable shooting environment. The product uses your hip and shoulder as stabilisation points which very importantly does not allow for any involuntary chest movement to affect the quality of your shooting experience; your heart beating, your body trembling, your lungs inhaling, exhaling, these are all movements not affecting the Lazy Aim’s sturdiness.


Easy & lightweight device – not a burden to carry around in the bush


Movement is not restricted – you can easily position yourself in accordance with your target and obstacles around you to obtain the perfect shot


Compact & manageable – easy maneuvering through the bush


Not clunky & noisy – don’t have to worry about scaring animals away while setting up


Quick positioning – you can move freely with the game and stay in the ready-to-fire position for however long is required, not allowing an opportunity to slip away


The Lazy Aim gives hunters time to wait until animals are standing still, to decide on their aiming point and to get into a stable shooting position (by resting on the Lazy Aim) to ensure a well-placed shot.


When hunting, practical shooting skills are just as important for accurate shot placement as choosing the correct shooting stick, or stand, in the form of monopods, bipods and tripods (with or without a trigger). With the Lazy Aim you have the opportunity to take a steady shot every time, because it acts as a gun rest, securing your weapon. What makes this aiming guide unique is that it allows you to stalk an animal in a ready-to-shoot position with very little strain.